Since we posses in-depth knowledge about various types of apparel and know which material would be the best fit for any particular type of apparel. So if you are looking for customized apparel for any specific client or usage, we are here support you in sourcing the specific and customized type of apparel from well recognized, highly reliable manufacturers in Pakistan. The expert at xyz co. Know the parameters to assess the quality of apparel keeping in view the specific usage. We being your exclusive sourcing agent in Pakistan will serve you with our expert services while sourcing the best possible material grades for any sort of customized apparel like Denim pants, Twill pants, Hoodies, T-shirts, Polo shirts, Trousers, Shorts, Crew shirts, Mock shirts, Track Suits and much more.

Being your exclusive sourcing partner in Pakistan, Apparel Links will be rendering the following services for sourcing customized apparel for you.

  • Arranging the price quotation from best qualified apparel manufacturers.
  • Evaluating the received quotations in technical as well as commercial terms.
  • Arranging sample product as per specific properties of the apparel.
  • Dispatching sample piece to you for your prior review.
  • Negotiating with the prospective suppliers to finalize the deals at the most competitive prices.
  • Facilitating in preparation and implementation of purchase orders.
  • Visiting the productions houses during the productions process so as to ascertain the quality of products as per the awarded contract.
  • Coordinating with the suppliers for sea worthy packing and onward shipment.

You can rely upon the professional support of Apparel Links for sourcing customized apparel from Pakistan.