Being one of the most prominent trading companies in Pakistan, Apparel Links is capable of catering all requirements of its overseas clients for sourcing the world-class textile and apparel products from Pakistan.  Unlike traditional trading houses, we always strive to meet the very specific requirement of our worthy clients with regard to texture of the fabric, material grades, color specifications, etc. When it comes to the apparel & textile sourcing, we have in-house team of experts who can better understand the very specific requirements of our worthy clients and so as to source only the desired products.

Our abilities and capabilities include but not limited to the following:-

  • We can evaluate the specific requirements of our clients in technical terms and give our professional suggestion (if desired) to improve the quality of the product as well as minimizing the cost thereof.
  • We have excellent business relations with our tested and reliable manufacturers and negotiate the best possible rates with flexible terms of trade.
  • We fully monitor the production process so as to arrange flawless products.
  • The Apparel Links, being the exclusive buying house for our overseas clients, takes the responsibility to arrange the pre-shipment inspection before packing for final dispatch.
  • We possess excellent reputation amongst our overseas clientele who preferably refer us their trade leads.
  • Based on the business relations with our overseas clients, we support the local manufacturers to achieve their business goals.
  • We can help the local manufacturers in negotiating the business deals in a quite professional way for long lasting business relations between the two parties.

We are enjoying excellent credibility at our overseas clients because of our proven professional practices in international trade for textile and apparel and local manufacturers can avail our established platform to boost their export business.