Basically the word Denim is the American name for “Serge de Nimes”, this was what Denim was known in French. Denim was basically a fabric which was originally made in a French city Nimes. At that time, the main purpose of Denim was to make cloths for workers, as it was long lasting and was comfortable to wear. But with the passage of time, usage of Denim clothing kept increasing and now it is worn by everyone all around the globe.

Denim has a Rich Background:

Denim has a very rich background like several other products. For example, like automobiles, and electronics, etc. which are widely used throughout the world. Denim clothing has also become an essential part of people’s lives. Denim has changed over the past few years, from an ordinary clothing stuff to an element of fashion. Denim is evolving throughout the world at a very fast pace.
According to a survey that was conducted by Global Lifestyle, it was noted that denim has been used for jeans for years. Approximately, around 90 percent of consumers at least have one pair of denim jeans and they are using it thrice a week. With the passage of time, people, especially the young folks are making more and more use of denim clothing and according to the survey, it was concluded that the usage of denim since last five years has increased up to 20% in the form of jeans and skirts.

Denim Clothing, the Preferred Choice:

Denim is emerging as preferred choice in clothing as six out of ten people opt to wear denim clothing as they are attracted towards the fabric and they feel comfortable wearing it. Apart from the level of comfort they are much attracted towards the amazing styles it offers and the weight of the fabric itself. A survey was conducted and 3 out of 4 consumers of denim said that they are very satisfied with the present styles offered in denim and around 67% people said that they love wearing denim.

Where to find best Denim:

Pakistan is one of the best producers of Denim and production of Denim is given the most attention in the textile sector. Moreover, Denim is one of the key clothing sectors and plays a very essential role in the exports of the country. According to statistical figures, the exports of denim from Pakistan increased to greater extent. From the year 2011 to 2012. There is a tremendous increase in the production of denim and about 600 million square meters of denim is produced on yearly basis. There are 40 major producers of Denim in Pakistan and they are working to their fullest to meet the increasing demands of the clients from all across the world.

Pakistani denim cloth is well known for its well proven quality and denim producers are successfully competing with the products from other countries like China, Bangladesh, Mexico and Egypt. So buyers from all over the world can avail the services of some professional buying house to source denim products from Pakistan in bulk quantities.